About the Harris Hawk

One of the most versatile and friendly of all birds, but makes a great hunting partner

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When Hunting with the Harris Hawk

The Harris hawks are generally regarded as the most versatile and user friendly of all the birds that are used in modern day falconry and hunting. They are social birds with an easy disposition, when compared to many other birds of prey, and they are ideally suited for the hunting of game, most frequently ground game, in Scotland.

The Harris' hawk is notable for its behavior of hunting in groups, while other raptors often hunt alone. It is the Harris's hawk's intelligence which leads to a social nature which results in its easier training and has led to the Harris' hawk to become a popular bird for use in falconry.

Hunting with these majestic, and beautiful birds, is an absolute joy, and a huge thrill. The hunting will take you across, and into, the most stunning of scenery and transport you to an age of hunting in its rawest of forms and perfection in terms of enjoyment.

On the hunt you will be instructed in the basic field handling of the Harris Hawks, and with your hawk as partner you will actively participate in the hunt, either in a group of hunters, or with just you, the hawk and your skilled falconer.

This is at the pinnacle of sporting experience, and as a fast paced, fully involved hunting experience there is little to touch it for sheer enjoyment.

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