About Macintyre and Thomson

MacIntyre & Thomson Ltd is a sporting agency based in Perthshire Scotland and was created in a traditional way to provide high quality services to those who follow, and participate in, country sports. We are people who are, ourselves, active participants in these sports with knowledge and passion to match. Our business is made up of;  

  1. Sporting Agency
  2. Sporting Trader
  3. Management Services Provider
  4. Holiday / Experience organiser and provider
  5. Associated – ancillary support services
  6. “Silver Doctor Flies” – Provision of fishing tackle – Sale & Hire.

Our Sporting Agency provides:

The provision of all of the above can also include;

MacIntyre & Thomson – Management Services: We are also able to provide:

MacIntyre & Thomson – Associated Services, can provide;

MacIntyre & Thomson also has the brand - Silver Doctor Flies © – Supplying high quality fishing flies to customers of MacIntyre & Thomson and further afield.

Silver Doctor

Our uniqueness is in the ability to provide both short-term fishing experiences and holidays, right through to substantial fishing ownership, and by removing all of the hassle and work for our customers and clients.

You should consider using our Field Sports Services, for three simple reasons:

We know | We Care | We Deliver.

Our customers:

(1) You are established salmon fishers who wish to invest into ownership [in-perpetuity] of some prime salmon fishing. This is an efficient way of enjoying an investment that can be passed on in inheritance, or re-sold at a later time by the individual. Recent changes in tax and pension legislation has made those who are retired, or approaching retirement as a target audience

(2) You are a person who has considered Salmon fishing, Stalking, Hawking [or other country pursuits], as a sporting recreation, who may wish to learn how to salmon fish, and who might want to purchase a package that provides the sport, accommodation, tuition and access to the sport and similar.

(3) You are a person who may wish to fish a prime Highland Salmon Rivers, or hunt and shoot on estates that who have not previously been able to do so because of lack of accessibility.

(4) You are a Family who enjoy, our would like to enjoy country pursuits

(5) You are somebody looking for a special gift, for a special person[S]

(6) You are somebody who would like to make you country sports that little bit special with the use of our many support services.

Most importantly, we are here to help you, and we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Team - within the Field:

Dr. Simon Wright, [Managing Director], has over 30 years’ experience of senior level public service, handling complex crisis scenarios, budgets, personnel and staff issues and substantial projects. Educated to PhD level his qualifications are within Business Administration, Public Administration and he is also a Qualified Adult Educator and Leadership Coach. Prior to establishing MacIntyre & Thomson Ltd he became involved with the development of a leading Scottish Sports Salmon Fishery in Perthshire, as a Director, and also went on to create the brand Silver Doctor Flies.

He has established successful Fishing Schools to teach both Salmon and Sea Trout fishing, now known as the MacIntyre & Thomson Fishing Academy, and he is very much involved in the day to day running of the business as a Sporting Agent.

Additionally, Dr Wright has acted as both a River Manager, and then Secretary, for the Birkin Fly Fishers Association, Tatton, Cheshire [One of the oldest Fly Fishing Clubs in England], and was Chairman of the North West Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild for a number of years. A lifelong Fly Fisher, he has substantial experience in running sport fly fishing across many areas, and their associated issues.

Miss Vivien Thomson, [Director], has many years’ experience working within the field of Operational & Building Management, is also qualified in Social Care Management and has the portfolio within MacIntyre & Thomson Ltd for Customer Care and Client Liaison. Vivien is a keen salmon fisher, and enthusiast for all country pursuits, and as a ‘people person’ enjoys ensuring that our customers are provided with the highest standard of service, and that they thoroughly enjoy their country sports.

MacIntyre & Thomson Ltd also provide work for local, talented, and highly skilled artisans across many different areas – but all of whom make up the high quality service that we provide throughout all country sporting pursuits, whether they are ghillies, stalkers, falconers, fly tyers, accommodation providers or caterers. We pride ourselves on making our service, simply second to none, and simply done well !



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