Rough Shooting for a Group or Individuals

Great shooting in the Highlands

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Walked up shooting in stunning locations

We have access to some of the finest ‘Rough Shooting’ in Scotland amongst spectacular habitats for a diversity of game that is quite simply – second to none!

Our unique arrangements with the most beautiful Estates can place you within a rough shooting paradise. Rough shooting or walked up mixed days usually consist of teams of 4 to 6 guns.

Guests are welcome to bring their own dogs by arrangement.

This is traditional shooting amongst the most beautiful countryside.

This style of shooting provides the opportunity to shoot pheasant, pigeon, snipe, woodcock, grouse, rabbit and hare, all on the same day with a traditional emphasis on the ‘mixed bag’, to what amounts to a very enjoyable and traditional form of shooting, much favoured by a great number of guests for its natural and unspoilt charm.

Some small – driven shoot days – with an emphasis on a ‘mixed bag’ can also be arranged by request.

Gamebird and Waterfowl Open Seasons (dates inclusive)




Oct 1st – Feb 1st

Grey Partridge

Sep 1st – Feb 1st

Red-legged Partridge

Sep 1st – Feb 1st

Red Grouse

Aug 12th – Dec 10th

Black Grouse

Aug 20th – Dec 10th


Aug 12th – Dec 10th

Duck & Goose

Sep 1st – Jan 31st

Duck & Goose
below HWM (see below)

Sep 1st – Feb 20th

Common Snipe

Aug 12th – Jan 31st

Jack Snipe



Sep 1st – Jan 31st

Golden Plover

Sep 1st – Jan 31st


Sep 1st – Jan 31st


All year

Brown Hare

Oct 1st to Jan 1st


All year

MHW-Mean high water

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