Shooting Brown Hare and Rabbit in Scotland

When and where to go hunting for brown hare and Rabbits in Scotland

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The Brown Hare

Advice needs to be taken before shooting this quarry.

The brown hare is generally shot as part of a mixed bag on a walked up shoot day (hunters should be aware some providers will ask for no hares or rabbits to be shot on mixed bag walked up shoots), although there may be some providers who feel they have an excess in a particular year and can offer a walked up day specifically for brown hare.

The brown hare hunting season in Scotland can be shot from October 1st to January 31st

The Rabbit

Rabbits are classed as vermin by most landowners due to the damage they can cause to growing crops, trees and saplings.

They provide sporting opportunities, with a population in the region of 40 million. The hunting of rabbits in Scotland provides great sport for the rough shoot and hawk.

Ferrets are often used to flush rabbits from their burrows either to waiting guns or to the falconer with a Hawk for some very exciting sport. The speed and agility of these animals means that fast reactions and a high level of alertness is required.

There are many opportunities to shoot walked up rabbits throughout Scotland on many different types of terrain.

Rabbits can be shot throughout the year.

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