What is Rough Shooting?

Rough shooting is where Shooters walk along with their trained dogs to flush out game from cover that can include woods and hedgerows.

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About Rough Shooting

Once the quarry is disturbed and the shot taken the dogs retrieve the shot game, or if the quarry is wounded the sportsman / woman attend to despatch it quickly and humanely.

The key ingredient

In this type of shooting is the aspect of ‘walking up’, where the shooter flushes out the quarry with their dog as they walk through the areas of cover. It is both a basic, and simple form of hunting where the shooters acquired knowledge and experience will improve the results, and each trip out will bring more knowledge and greater experience. This is such a pleasurable form of shooting combining fun, challenge and exercise in equal measures. It can also be the most rewarding and cheapest forms of shooting for live quarry.

This style of shooting provides the opportunity to shoot pheasant, pigeon, snipe, woodcock, grouse, rabbit and hare, all on the same day with a traditional emphasis on the ‘mixed bag’, to what amounts to a very enjoyable and traditional form of shooting, much favoured by a great number of guests for its natural and unspoilt charm.

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