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Our rough/walked up days shoot the boundaries and rarely used areas of driven game shoots and sporting estates

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Our rough/walked up days shoot the boundaries and rarely used areas of driven game shoots and sporting estates for all legal quarry but predominantly, game, wildfowl, pigeons, rabbits and hares. Late season can provide an opportunity for woodcock and snipe.

‘Walked Up’ shooting is great exercise and you need to be fairly fit to cover the ground during a day’s sport. Bag numbers vary and are not guaranteed, as they will be mixed. If you wish for larger bags, more specific quarry or something different, please just ask us.

All guns must carry public liability insurance and/or be members of a field sports organisation such as BASC or CA (insurance included). Foreign visitors bringing their own guns to the UK must also have a Temporary Visitors Permit which we can arrange. Cancellation of any shooting for whatever reason is the responsibility of the individual, once booked, and paid for, we cannot make any refunds.

We follow the guide lines

Please note that we shoot to the BASC Codes of Practice for Shooting. For more details on this please ask for a copy or contact BASC on-line here www.basc.org.uk/cop

We try to make our rough shooting costs as affordable and straight forward as possible. Please contact us for current prices which are per gun/outing.

Please also note:

Breakfast & Lunch:

If you’re shooting with us for just the one day and wish to arrive for breakfast before the shoot or arrange a dinner after the shoot please let us know and we can arrange this.

On these rough shoot days we can provide you with a lovely lunch / homemade picnic for you to eat whilst you are out.


We can also arrange suitable accommodation for you to stay, either catered for, or self-catering.

Should you wish to visit for a number of days shooting we can organise that, we work hard to provide our customers with the sporting experience that they want, and provide the best sporting opportunities possible.

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