Come shooting for Red Grouse with Macinyre and Thomson

This bird offers a shooter a good game, they are quick with speeds of up to 70mph

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Join us for a hunting trip for Red Grouse

The red grouse is unique to the UK and is a wild, ground-nesting bird frequenting the habitat of heather moorland.

It is a bird mainly of Scotland and Northern England, and as a fast flyer it can reach speeds of up to 70 mph. Grouse is very highly regarded as a testing target and is also very good eating. Red grouse can be shot driven or walked up. By the end of the season large ‘packs’ of grouse can be seen, however, early-season can provide larger bags, not unusually 15 brace (30 birds) on a walked up shoot.

The Red Grouse hunting season is: 12th August – 10th December.

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